This is the first and easiest step for time building before applying to an airline.

After you have finished the ATPL theory and flight instructor rating (FI) you can have an opportunity to forward your knowledge to unexperienced pilots, both theory and practical parts.


  • Valid EASA CPL or PPL licence with CPL/ATPL theory

  • Minimum 200 total flight time and 150 hours PIC time

  • Minimum Class II. Part-Medical Certificate with “IR Checked”

  • English knowledge (intermediate or higher) minimum ICAO LEVEL 4

  • At least 10 hours instrument flight on the type

  • 20 hours PIC cross country, 540 km (340 NM) landing at least on two different aeroports

  • 30 hours dual flight time, from which 5 hours at least in the last 6 months

Training Includes

  • 100 hours theory ground training

  • 30 hours dual flight time

After the successful completion of the training, 1 hour exam flight.

FI(A) – Flight Instructor
30 hours training on aircraft
€ 5.000
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