Final step to your airline pilot career. The multi-crew cooperation and jet orientation trainings are essential to get a type rating on a multi crew aircraft.

These trainings make it possible for you to work as a team member lead by the commander (PIC) and fly in a new, more complex environment.

The training is provided on FNPT II. simulator (based on A320).

Multi-Crew Cooperation

  • Leadership/”Followership” and authority
  • Personality, attitude and motivation
  • Effective and clear communication during flight
  • Crew co-ordination procedures
  • Use of checklists
  • Mutual supervision, information and support
  • Call-out procedures
  • Operation of aircraft systems
  • Crewmember roles and responsibilities during normal operations
  • Crewmember roles and responsibilities during abnormal operations

Jet Orientation

  • The primary objective of the Jet Orientation Training is to develop the foundational skills that students will be required to work in a multi-crew environment on the flight-deck of a high-performance jet aircraft.

The prices are only applied in case of two applicants
€ 3.200
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