The PPL – Private Pilot Licence, is no other than a document like the driving license, which entitles its holder to carry out “non-revenue” flights.

Namely, the holder of this document is permitted to fly freely his/her own or a rented airplane, within the borders of Hungary, in compliance with the current regulations, and visual flight rules. (With the possession of a PPL and an English radiotelephony-license international flights can be carried out as well.)

The PPL is the first step that one has to take on the long road to become a professional pilot.


  • Over the age of 17 years old
  • Class II. medical certificate
  • Successful PPL theory exam

Training Includes

  • Theoretical Training
  • 45 hours total flight time: 25 hours dual and 10 hours PIC

Theoretical Training

Theory subjects:

  • Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Meteorology
  • Air Law and ATC Procedures
  • Operational Procedures
  • Performance and Flight Planing
  • Human Performance
  • VFR Communications
  • Navigation

Practical Training

  • During the training the student can achieve all the knowledge required to fly an aeroplane.
  • The training starts with aero technique skills, then the students will be able to execute self manouvers alone, as well.
  • After these comes the navigation knowledge.
    The training includes solo flights without an instructor.
  • If students finish the training an authority exam must be taken.
    After the exam the Hungarian Authority will issue the private pilot licence which gives them the right to fly alone and to do limited work like aerial photography.
PPL(A) basic – Private Pilot Licence
100 hours training Theoretical training + 45 hours training on aircraft
€ 7.500
PPL(A) full – Private Pilot Licence
Including CAA fees and exam costs
€ 8.000
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