We are entitled to repair types accepted by EASA and ANNEX II aircrafts. If you have any of these, contact with us and we will make wonders to your aircraft.

We deal with navigational and communicational instruments, and also with checking pneumatic and hydraulical systems.

Furthermore we reapair Ka-26 type rotors and Av-2, W530 D11, US 122000 wooden propellers.


  • Cessna types: C-150, C-152,
    C-170, C-172, C-175, C-177,
    C-180, C-182, C-185, C-206,
    C-210, C-336, C-337
  • Morane MS types
  • Piper-28,-31,-32,-34
  • Sukhoi Su-26/29/31
  • Antonov An 2
  • PZL M-18, 101, 104
  • IAR-823
  • Maule
  • Zlin Z–37, Z-37T
  • SF-25 Motorfalke


  • Robinson R22, R44
  • Schweizer 300
  • Bell 206
  • MD-500, -520N, -600N
  • Alouette II SA 318C
  • Ka-26
  • UH-12

Ultralights, Gliders

  • all types

Piston Engines

  • AS-62 IR
  • AI-14
  • M14 V26
  • Lycoming
  • Continental
  • Franklin


Alisson-250, -C18, -C20, -C30, -C47